Anonymous: Aaron, what the fuck did you do mate. I don't even see what em sees in you when i can treat her so much better by just not making her compete with computer games. Start treasuring her or get the fuck out. Sometimes i hate em because shes so blinded by scumbags and those that care.






See, kids. DON’T do it for the VINE!!!

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Opening a beer with a frisbee.
Anonymous: I heard Emily was talking to Jesse a lot more. And apparently he was going to ask her to date him. Is that true? I guess Jordan and Vincent have competition too aye, since they are planning to as well apparently. Lol you sure did let go of one of the most amazing girls out there aye.

HAHAHA good joke :) 


this is very calming
dpangna-deactivated20131207: Can we Bang plz zzz

yes :) only with Lana but 

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cute girl that i know :) 
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Anonymous: YOU AND EMILY BROKE UP?!?! WHAT THE FUCK?!?! OF COURSE YOU WOULD DO THE DICK MOVE BECAUSE IT'S A NATURAL FOR YOU, TO HURT OTHER PEOPLES FEELINGS. I KNEW YOU WOULD, YOU FUCK. YOU NEVER LOVED EMILY. YOU DON'T DESERVE HER EVEN THE SLIGHTEST BIT, YOU CUNT. I always thought better of you, Aaron. to be committed and to not behave just like every other brat. I know one day you're going to look back and fuck yourself up because you realise you let such an amazing girl slip away.

Haha :) 

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